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There are two ways of getting a desired card in Duel of Champions.
First way is through Infernal Pit where you can burn cards you don't want for gold Gold.png. The size of your sacrifice also gives you a chance to win the Infernal Card Deal on offer. The special card on offer changes randomly every 8 hours.
Second way is through Altar of Wishes where you can exchange Wildcards for the cards you need.

Infernal Pit[edit | edit source]

How much gold do I earn for sacrificing cards?[edit | edit source]

Common: 50 Gold.png
Uncommon: 300 Gold.png
Rare: 1000 Gold.png
Epic: 2000 Gold.png
Heroic: 1000 Gold.png
Premium: Same with the non-premium version.

How does Infernal Deal work?[edit | edit source]

For every sacrifice you make, there is a chance for you to win the featured Infernal Card. The more cards you sacrifice at one go, the higher a chance for you to win that card. Say, the featured card is Rare. You obtain 100% win chance to win it when you make a sacrifice that is worth 20000 gold. So, if you happen to make a sacrifice worth of 10000 gold, your chances are exactly 50% in this case.

How many cards do I have to sacrifice to obtain 100% win chance on Infernal Deal card ?[edit | edit source]

Different rarities have different requirements to reach full chance. Basically, it is the gold value of the card X 20.

If the Infernal Deal card is a Common: A sacrifice worthy of 1000 Gold.png provides 100% chance of winning
If the Infernal Deal card is an Uncommon: A sacrifice worthy of 6000 Gold.png provides 100% chance of winning
If the Infernal Deal card is a Rare: A sacrifice worthy of 20000 Gold.png provides 100% chance of winning.
If the Infernal Deal card is an Epic: A sacrifice worthy of 20000 Gold.png provides 100% chance of winning.

Premium: cards provide double value in terms of determining your chances of winning the Infernal Deal card. For instance, sacrificing 10 premium uncommons gives you the same percentage of win chance as sacrificing 20 non-premium uncommons. However, they don't provide double gold.

Can I win a featured Infernal Deal card more than one time?[edit | edit source]

No. The card disappears from the Infernal Pit when you are awarded with it. A new card will be made available after the timer reaches zero. However, you can obtain the same card at a later date.

Can I obtain every card in the game via Infernal Deals ?[edit | edit source]

All cards will be made available including their Premium version.
The 2 exceptions are: Heroes which will never be offered and Epic cards that will be made available with special events. [1]

Altar of Wishes[edit | edit source]

You can use the Altar of Wishes to get specific cards you want. Just drag the desired card onto the Altar, pay its Wildcard cost, and the card is yours. You can get Wildcards from packs and boxes you buy from the Shop. The Altar of Wishes only unlocks after you get your first Wildcard.

When the Altar of Wishes is first unlocked, only cards from the Base Set.png Base set can be bought. You must first obtain 200 cards of the other sets through other means (such as packs or achievements) to unlock that set in the Altar of Wishes.

Cards cost a number of Wildcards based on their rarity and the pack they are from. The cost for a card is the base cost for its rarity times the multiplier for its pack, up to a maximum of 21.

The base cost for a Common is 1.
The base cost for an Uncommon is 3.
The base cost for a Rare is 5.
The base cost for an Epic or Heroic: is 8.

Cards from the Base Set.png Base set have a multiplier of 1.
Cards from the Void Rising.png Void Rising set or Herald of the Void.png Herald of the Void set have a multiplier of 2.
Cards from the Forgotten Wars.png Forgotten Wars set have a multiplier of 3.

Heroes that can only be obtained from achievements have cost the maximum of 21 Wildcards.

Alternate art or premium versions of cards cannot be obtained from the Altar of Wishes.

References[edit | edit source]